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Answers to most frequently asked questions

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We collect technical and functional data on products we host, not just their green certification information. That means that you search for products by technical functional properties as well. Here is a real-world example: an Architect researching Formaldehyde-Free insulation to use in the walls for an interior application, and it has to be Greenguard Gold certified and has at least 20% Post-Consumer recycled content. Using these filter options in Effective Building, that Architect would have narrowed their search to 5 choices which they can choose to investigate deeper by looking at all the available Technical Documents like Spec sheets, brochures and specifications (where available) we aggregated and present in an easy to read product page. No more hopping around the web from site to site gathering pieces of information. We bring it all together so you can make an informed decision in minutes, not days.

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Yes, use the filter by certificates to find all alternative products that entitles same LEED credits. Green building consultants can share with the GC the search criteria that best fit the project’s needs. The GC can use this criteria to find equal or better products.
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Not yet. It’s on our roadmap. You can, though, search by specific types of certificates. If searching by credit is functionality you need, then please vote for it by sending us a message using the chat bot.
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We start with LEED as it is the most popular standard.  If  you find it useful give us feedback and we will add more standards.

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Yes, at least for now.  Our vision is to make green building affordable to all, so we do our best to make the data accessible and free, or at least cheap for all building professionals.

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Architect, specifier, or green building consultant - The service is still free. No credit card needed.
Do not miss the opportunity. You will enjoy it!


Effective Building is a new startup aiming to simplify and optimize the building products and materials selection for all green building projects.

Green projects require access to materials’ data that is not available to professionals. Therefore construction professionals spend too much time searching for products’ data, and eventually selecting whatever they found, and not the best products for their project.

We eliminate this by making all the needed data easily available to all.


In 2014 architect Ryan Clarke, the founder of Effective Building, was researching certifications for a third LEED project in a row. “It doesn’t make sense that thousands of professionals around the world spend so many weeks during their projet, researching the same things,” he said to his boss.  It took five years to build the roadmap, organization, and service, until the release of Effective Building in 2019.

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